Frequently Asked Questions

Is creativity a talent?

It’s a skill not a gift

“Creative thinking is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practised and nurtured.” Edward De Bono, originator of ‘lateral thinking’

You can do it.

“We have to debunk the notion, popularised by Hollywood, that the creative artist is cut from a different cloth than normal folk – that creativity is something mysterious, elusive and cannot be taught.” Tham Khai Meng. Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather

A life skill

A skill you can learn, a process like learning to drive a car that you can learn practice and use every day just imagine.

How can the Imagine reports help my thinking?

Problem-solving, idea generation and creative thinking are skills that you can learn.

Inside your Imagine Insight report along with your strengths there is also guidance on the 4-stage creative process that is behind every new innovation. A simple process that you can learn giving you the confidence to produce more and better ideas every day.

Your Imagine Personal Development report includes an idea generation toolkit.
Guidance on effective brainstorming, and tools such as Attribute Listing that have been developed by world experts to aid your idea generation and creative practice.

How will the Imagine Personal Development report help my career progress?

Problem-solving and creative thinking skills are in great demand by employers. You can add this as a skill in your CV and even attach a copy of your Imagine profile to your CV.

How long does it take?

The questionnaire takes around ten minutes to complete and there are no trick questions. At times it may seem repetitive, but this is to ensure that each element within your thinking style is clearly identified and ensures that your reports are of the highest quality possible.

Why should I buy an Imagine Personal Development report?

Your Imagine Personal Development report is the best resource available to help you understand and develop your problem-solving skills and creative thinking. This is an area very much in demand by most organisations.

You don’t need to stop at personal development, attach your report to your cv and show-off your strengths.

Is this a psychometric test?


Psychometric testing is a very specialised science and used extensively in recruitment to understand people’s intellect and personality strengths.

The imagine reports use the very latest science to create your reports to provide you with an insight to how you think and help you develop your skills, not to test you.

Will you keep bugging me if I don’t buy my Imagine Personal Development report?


We will send you a reminder but that’s it.
You can even click the button to say, ‘I’m just not interested don’t contact me again’, and we won’t. We will erase all of your personal data and only use your profile information for research to improve our products.

How do I get my Imagine Insight report?

Just click either button ‘I want my free, no obligation, Imagine Insight report now’ or ‘I want both my Imagine reports now’.

You will be asked a series of questions about how you think.
It will take around ten minutes to complete and allows us to prepare both your Imagine Insight and Personal Development reports.

If you decide that you would like both your Imagine reports immediately, just click the button ‘I want both my Imagine reports now’. You will be guided through the online payment, once paid you will receive a link to download both your Imagine reports.

Free report, what’s the catch?

No catch.
Both Insight reports are high quality and have undergone extensive research and development with a group of experienced professionals. From the Imagine questionnaire we can produce both of your reports. We offer you the Imagine Insight report free as it’s the best way to assure you of the quality of our reports. We hope that you’ll love it so much that you’ll want to continue your journey and buy your 24-page Imagine Personal Development report.

Why should I get an Imagine Insight report?

It’s free, it’s a very powerful insight into your thinking and problem-solving style; whether you are better at seeing problems and opportunities thinking through potential solutions or taking some ideas and making them happen.