Why Is Personal Development Important?

Personal development is the central pillar of self-improvement. Personal development enables us to reflect on ourselves and our experiences to better understand our minds and bodies and be able to continually improve, shedding toxic psychologies and bettering our physical health. Through personal development we are able to honestly assess our strength, weaknesses, habits, skills, and […]

What to Look For In a Friend: The Best Types of People to Surround Yourself With

Personal development is vital for anybody wanting to live a happy, healthy, and full life, and is one of the most important aspect of self-improvement. Actively focusing on personal development drives us to progress on our own terms, allows us to achieve a deeper understanding of ourselves, and helps us set and attain realistic personal […]

How a Personal Development Report Can Aid Your Career

Personal development is something we all strive for. In our personal lives we aim to develop our relationships, build on our passions, and achieve a sense of fulfilment. In our professional lives, we endeavour to advance our skills and progress in our field. Whether developing your communication skills, increasing your capacity for effective teamwork, or […]

How to Fix Chronic Lateness and Become a More Punctual Person

It’s often said that people who are chronically late are arrogant and prioritise their own time over everybody else’s, however there are often far more deep rooted issues at play such as ADHD or poor time management. When these elements are taken into consideration, it’s far easier to fix the problem. If you’re finding that […]

Understanding and Practicing Empathy

A key aspect of personal development is understanding and recognising emotions. These skills can be transferred to personal, social and work-related situations in order to help a person react appropriately. Sympathy is the acknowledgement of another individual’s situation and providing support where appropriate whereas empathy goes a lot deeper and, in practice, can help with […]

3 Famous Faces Who Found Success Later in Life

3 Famous Faces Who Found Success Later in Life We are often so consumed by a desire to be the ‘best’ at something that it can affect our motivation and drive when results aren’t obtained almost immediately. In fact, a lot of people will write-off their dreams due to age and go on to believe […]

Food and Mood: How What You Eat Affects Your Mental Health

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat”. Well, turns out it’s true. Not literally, of course, but what we put into our bodies can affect everything from our physical health and outward appearance, to our mood and mental wellbeing. For those who are on a quest of personal development, this is why […]

Tips for Reducing Stress with a Clean and Tidy Home

There haven’t been many positives to take from being practically housebound since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one silver lining has been the fact we’ve all had a bit more time on our hands to tackle the housework. Okay, so that might not seem like much of a cause for celebration, but while […]

Tips for Boosting Confidence Before a Job Interview

When it comes to job interviews, there’s no doubt about it: confidence is king. Head into your interview without any, and there’s a good chance you’ll struggle to give a good account of yourself or deliver your answers with much conviction. On the other hand, if you’re brimming with confidence then there’s a good chance […]

Helpful Tips for Overcoming Nerves Before an Interview

Let’s face it, job interviews can be daunting affairs. No matter how confident you are or how many times you’ve been through the process, we all experience a degree of nervousness before an interview. But although it’s normal to have some nerves beforehand, it’s essential we aren’t overcome by them, otherwise our performance is guaranteed […]